Make a winning first impression at first glance by sending out the right messages

The importance of our first impression - "image"

In today's competitive environment, the image we project is crucial to our professional success. Everything that characterizes us, opinions, etc. arise directly & subconsciously at the first glance without even thinking. What we wear sends messages about our credibility, knowledge, prestige and success.

“Eventure” in collaboration with Magda Kazoli offers an innovative and pioneering program for you who need to "promote" yourself, to inspire confidence or to upgrade your image.

Magda Kazoli is an expert in brand communication strategy, with many years of experience in corporate branding. Now, she deals exclusively with personal branding & visual communication on individual level.

She is passionately focused on supporting people to discover, shape and project their personality with authenticity and thus always communicate the right messages for themselves, gaining positive impressions in every occasion, whether it is professional or personal.

We have just 90 seconds to gain the first impression and that depends mostly on our image! Meanwhile, almost always we criticize and be criticized from the first impression, a “first impression” that most of the times lasts for a lifetime.

As soon as we realize this fact, we have already made the first step and we acquire a head start over the rest that have not even thought about it. The second step is to decide the kind of impact we want our presence to have. Let us consider for a while how we want to be seen. Often, we devote lots of time for the marketing of our business but almost no time for…. Our “personal “marketing! Does our personal or our employee’s’/ affiliates’ “brand” align with our business’?

Μάγδα ΚαζόληOur "image" as a means of differentiation and competitive advantage

As representatives of your company, the appearance & style of yours and your employees or associates are the first impression that your organization leaves at its contacts. Usually, their image and yours can be a key factor in differentiating yourself from your competition or giving you an edge in approaching the market you are targeting. After all, being well-dressed and confident is a statement about who you are and the organization you represent. At the same time, it promotes a consistent message, increases the prestige & credibility of the business and improves features such as performance and productivity. Also, it contributes to the personal development of the company's employees and ensures them greater acceptance & wider recognition in a social context.

Therefore, it is a real need to dress appropriately for every occasion and make a great first impression. The style that suits us in combination with the use of the right color palette in our wardrobe (according to the color characteristics of our skin), makes us look healthier, younger, more attractive and increases our confidence and acceptance.

But creating a credible and authentic impression is a little more complicated and requires a bit more thought. Some of us often find it difficult to balance our personal style with a professional corporate dress code. But with a little thought and planning, we can stand out and impress for the right reasons.

Learn the language of clothes that contributes to the prestigious dressing and gain the trust of partners, customers, but also of your personal contacts.

“Image Consulting” / "Personal Branding” by Eventure

At Eventure, with the Image Consulting / Personal Branding programs we have, we may safely contribute to the achievement of your goals.

  • We assist in the development and implementation of personal/individual dress code guidelines for organizations that help employees and their members succeed both personally and professionally.
  • With an excellent understanding of the business world, we can combine "business attire" with the personal style of your employees / associates, while considering the international fashion trends.
  • All seminars or workshops that we organize are adapted to the individual needs of each organization or person and are carried out either in groups through corporate training sessions and / or in person (one2one).
  • With Executive Image Coaching the process begins with an evaluation of style, image and presence and continues with their review. Image tools, techniques and instructions are provided to optimize personal presence and maximize professional impact.

Enable your employees' personalities to shine and be even more consistent with your product, brand or service.

We deliver a personalized and individual strategic image action plan that is easy to maintain and integrate into any daily routine. This is a great program for anyone who needs to "promote" himself, to project a prestigious look & inspire confidence or in general to upgrade his image.